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 The Mission of The British Connection is to connect people to learning  experiences of the highest quality in Britain and elsewhere in the world  with a British connection and to encourage them to enjoy in particular  all that Britain has to offer to a wide range of ages and interests.

for our world -
We want the people who travel with us to go home thinking that they could not have done this better themselves even if they had our knowledge and expertise.

Our goal is to immerse ourselves in the mindset of each client or client organization, so that we can produce a tour for them that exactly fits their needs and expectations.

Our clients are a range of different people and organizations from distinguished Academic specialist horticulturalists, Alumni Travel Directors, Travel Agents seeking something special for their clients, Media companies looking for cutting edge programs to enhance their appeal to Gen y and x clients, Garden clubs, Book Clubs, and some direct to client work.

The Old Course
Golf Scotland 'Plus'
Travel to Scotland to experience the joys of playing golf on the best courses in world or to accompany someone for whom this is one of the best experiences in the world. Discover some of the little known hidden gems of Scotland - individuals and groups as few as 4 up to 25 people.

We offer special interest tours in Britain and Ireland (and other countries like Canada, Bermuda New Zealand) in a range of subjects.

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