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The company has been established for 12 years and has been working with nonprofit organizations in travel for 10 years.

Garden and horticultural tours are a particular focus and we have operated tours in Britain for many years in this subject area and have branched out into offering and operating garden tours in Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and Italy. We are planning more garden tours to link with special events in Britain such as the Chelsea Flower Show tour, and special tours for particular plants in France and Australia.

The environment is important to us and tours within this field are a particular interest - we have specialist contacts and experience - for town planning, architecture, masterpieces in Modern architecture tours, UNESCO World Heritage sites, restoration and conservation of historic structures and landscapes tours.

Literary tours have also been a special focus of the company.

Golf Scotland 'Plus'
Travel to Scotland to experience the joys of playing golf on the best courses in world or to accompany someone for whom this is one of the best experiences in the world. Discover some of the little known hidden gems of Scotland - individuals and groups as few as 4 up to 25 people.

The Environment - town planning, architecture, masterpieces in Modern architecture, UNESCO World Heritage sites, restoration and conservation of historic structures and landscapes, horticulture, gardening, and agriculture.

Culinary Arts - wine, food, pubs, master classes in wine and food.

Literary Programs - murder mystery literary tours, theater tours, in the footsteps of an author, Literary Festivals and events, film tours, Myth and legend tours.

Adventure - walking, cycling usually with a themed visits.

Music - Britain Music Now Music tours for Gen y and x, classical music and ballet tours with meet the artiste, director, producer.

Valentine's London Theatre Tour - A unique combination of great theatre and good company in Atlanta and London, this tour takes in two highly rated shows in London, and the current show in Atlanta, and completes the trip with a private visit and stay at Hever Castle in Kent in England, the former home of Anne Boleyn and Lord Astor of Hever.

3 Generation tours - Harry Potter and Narnia Themes, nature and exploration, live on an island and learn about its culture, flora and fauna.

Fashion - detailed review and analysis of the fashion scene to day and in the past using museums, current venues, studios and events.

Heritage and History - village life, Castles and their families, antiques, cathedrals and churches.

Sports - Exploration of the culture, background, history and Special Events of a particular sport for example tennis, cricket or golf.

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